Butler County Storm Water District

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there anything that non-residential property owners can do to reduce their bill?

The Butler County Storm Water District has established a Credits Program to reduce storm water charges to those properties that provide services resulting in water quality improvement.

The Credits Program is an application process available to all non-residential property owners/customers only. Non-residential property owners/customers can reduce the amount of storm water charges assessed to their respective property by completing an application and performing storm water activities that improve water quality.

A Storm Water Credit is offered as an incentive to owners of non-residential properties for being good stewards of the Butler County Storm Water District resource. Property owners benefit through a reduction in their storm water utility bill as a result of “hands on” involvement in the Butler County Storm Water District program. The overall concept is that the entire community will benefit from enhancements to the Storm Water system through improvements to the quality of its water.