Butler County Storm Water District


3/31/232022 Annual Report


4/1/222021 Annual Report


3/31/202020 Annual Report



11/10/19Webcast: Salt & Stormwater – The Salinization of Our Watersheds
11/6/19Butler County Stream Team – November 2019 Newsletter
10/6/19Webcast – Stream Restoration & Green Infrastructure Practices
10/6/192018 Annual Report
10/6/19Butler County Stream Team – October 2019 Newsletter
9/6/19Butler County Stream Team – September 2019 Newsletter
8/6/19Butler County Stream Team – August 2019 Newsletter
6/6/19Butler County Stream Team – June 2019 Newsletter
5/6/192019 MS4 Bootcamp Training
5/6/19Ohio Stormwater Conference 2019
4/6/19Butler County Stream Team – April 2019 Newsletter
3/6/19Butler County Stream Team – March 2019 Newsletter
1/8/19Butler County Stream Team – January 2019 Newsletter


11/19/18Butler County Stream Team – November 2018 Newsletter
10/10/18Butler County Stream Team – October 2018 Newsletter
9/5/18Butler County Stream Team – September 2018 Newsletter
9/4/18Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky Stormwater Field Day
9/4/18Ohio Stormwater Association Free Webinar
8/11/18Butler County Stream Team – August 2018 Newsletter
7/14/18Butler County Stream Team – July 2018 Newsletter
6/15/18OSWA Workshop: Post Construction Practices & Long-Term Maintenance
6/6/18Butler County Stream Team – June 2018 Newsletter
5/14/18Butler County Stream Team – May 2018 Newsletter
5/4/182017 Annual Report
4/9/18Butler County Stream Team – April 2018 Newsletter
3/7/18OSWA Award Nominations Deadline
3/6/18Butler County Stream Team – March 2018 Newsletter


12/11/17Butler County Stream Team – December 2017 Newsletter
11/13/17Butler County Stream Team – November 2017 Newsletter
10/12/17Butler County Stream Team – October 2017 Newsletter
9/28/17Storm Water District’s Bob Lentz Receives Award
9/25/17Butler County Stream Team – September 2017 Newsletter
8/17/17Butler County Stream Team – August 2017 Newsletter
8/15/172016 Annual Report
7/17/17Butler County Stream Team – July 2017 Newsletter
6/8/17Butler County Stream Team – June 2017 Newsletter
5/31/17Post-Construction Stormwater BMP 2017 Workshop
5/2/17Ohio Stormwater Conference 2017
4/10/17Butler County Stream Team – April 2017 Newsletter
4/3/172017 Large Grant Program – Award Recipients
3/9/17Butler County Stream Team – March 2017 Newsletter


12/5/16Request for Public Comment – Butler County Stormwater Mgt Plan (draft)
10/17/16Butler County Stream Team – October 2016 Newsletter
9/8/16Ohio Stormwater Association – Quarterly meeting Sept 2016
9/7/16Butler County Stream Team – September 2016 Newsletter
8/29/16Mill Creek Cleanup 2016
8/11/16Butler County Stream Team – August 2016 Newsletter
7/18/16Test Your Well Water – But Co Soil & Water Conservation District
7/14/16Butler County Stream Team – July 2016 Newsletter
7/13/162015 Annual Report
6/7/16Butler County Stream Team – June 2016 Newsletter
5/31/16Ohio Stormwater Association Quarterly Training – June 2016
4/5/16Ohio Stormwater Conference 2016
3/31/16Rain Barrel Art Project 2016
3/10/16Butler County Stream Team – March 2016 Newsletter


11/13/15Butler County Stream Team – November 2015 Newsletter
10/12/15Butler County Stream Team – October 2015 Newsletter
9/16/15Mill Creek Cleanup 2015
9/11/15Butler County Stream Team – September 2015 Newsletter
8/27/15Butler County Stream Team – August 2015 Newsletter
7/9/15Butler County Stream Team – July 2015 Newsletter
7/7/152015 Large Grant Program – Award Recipients
6/30/15Butler County Stream Team – June 2015 Newsletter
5/30/15Butler County Stream Team – May 2015 Newsletter
5/27/152014 Annual Report
4/8/15Butler County Stream Team – April 2015 Newsletter
4/8/15Grant Writing Workshop – Spring 2015
4/6/15Greater Cincinnati Crisis Communication Workshop
3/11/15Butler County Stream Team – March 2015 Newsletter
2/12/15Ohio Stormwater Conference 2015


12/14/14Butler County Stream Team – December 2014 Newsletter
11/6/14Wetland Restoration Community Planting Day – Nov 15
10/9/14Butler County Stream Team – October 2014 Newsletter
9/17/14Butler County Stream Team – September 2014 Newsletter
9/16/14Butler County Stream Team Activities
9/16/14Workshop Invitation: Fostering Sustainable Behavior
8/18/14Butler County Stream Team – August 2014 Newsletter
7/18/142013 Annual Report
7/8/14Butler County Stream Team – June 2014 Newsletter
5/13/14Ohio Stormwater Conference 2014
5/12/14Butler County Stream Team – May 2014 Newsletter
5/5/14OKI Strategic Regional Policy Plan – What Do You Think?
1/28/14Taking Root Campaign


12/18/13Butler County Stream Team – December 2013 Newsletter
11/22/13Butler County Stream Team – November 2013 Newsletter
9/11/13Mill Creek ReCreation Celebration Event 2013
8/15/13Mill Creek Clean Up 2013
8/14/13Groundwater Guardian Green Site Workshop
8/12/13Butler County Stream Team – August 2013 Newsletter
7/30/13Butler County Stream Team – July 2013 Newsletter
6/10/132012 Annual Report
6/4/13Stormwater Mapping In Your Community
5/20/13Butler County Stream Team – May 2013 Newsletter
4/15/13Butler County Stream Team – April 2013 Newsletter
3/18/13Butler County Stream Team – March 2013 Newsletter
2/11/13Butler County Stream Team – February 2013 Newsletter
1/15/13Save Local Waters – January 2013 Newsletter
1/15/13Butler County Stream Team – January 2013 Newsletter


12/10/12Butler County Stream Team – December 2012 Newsletter
11/20/12Rain Barrel Painting Event – Artist Application
11/14/12Butler County Stream Team – November 2012 Newsletter
10/26/12OKI Wants To Know What You Think
10/17/12Ohio Stormwater Association Quarterly Education Meeting
7/13/12Butler County Stream Team – July 2012 Newsletter
6/28/12Butler County Stream Team – June 2012 Newsletter
5/21/12New Edgewood High School Goes Green
5/18/12Butler County Stream Team – May 2012 Newsletter
4/24/12Butler County Stream Team – April 2012 Newsletter
4/18/12Butler County Coalition / National Drug Take Back Day
3/30/122011 Annual Report
3/26/12Ohio Stormwater Conference 2012
3/9/12Butler County Stream Team – March 2012 Newsletter
2/23/12Earth Day 2012
2/10/12Butler County Stream Team – February 2012 Newsletter
1/18/12Butler County Stream Team – January 2012 Newsletter


12/12/11Butler County Stream Team – December 2011 Newsletter
11/14/11Butler County Stream Team – November 2011 Newsletter
10/12/11Butler County Stream Team – October 2011 Newsletter
9/22/112010 Annual Report
9/8/11Butler County Stream Team – September 2011 Newsletter
8/24/11Lunch & Learn at Twin Creek Preserve
8/18/11District Staffer Receives Erosion and Sediment Control Certification
8/12/11Butler County Stream Team – August 2011 Newsletter
6/14/11District Coordinator Earns Special Certification
6/10/11Butler County Stream Team – June 2011 Newsletter
5/25/11Rain, Flooding, and the Land Beneath Your Feet
5/17/11Notice of Public Meeting – Butler County Water Quality Management Plan
3/15/112011 Ohio Stormwater Conference
3/10/11Butler County Stream Team – March 2011 Newsletter
3/2/11Watershed & Stormwater Management 2011 Webcast Series
2/10/11Butler County Stream Team – February 2011 Newsletter


12/13/10Butler County Stream Team – December 2010 Newsletter
11/23/10Holiday Tips – Properly Dispose of Fats, Oils, Grease During Holidays
10/25/10Drop Day – Properly Dispose of Unwanted Medication
10/1/10Butler County Stream Team – October 2010 Newsletter
10/13/10Project Earth – Saving the Planet One Click at a Time
9/3/10Butler County Stream Team – September 2010 Newsletter
8/25/10State Water Trail Designation Could Boost Riverfront Investment
8/18/10Watershed & Stormwater Management 2010 Webcast Series
5/18/10Ohio EPA Awards $50,000 Environmental Education Grant to BCSWD
4/14/10Earth Day 2010
4/6/10Butler County Stream Team – April 2010 Newsletter
4/6/10Great Miami River Clean Sweep 2010: Volunteers Needed
4/2/10OSA Quarterly Meeting & Roundatable – Registration Form
4/1/102009 Annual Report
3/17/10Ohio Stormwater Conference 2010


7/14/09Sustainable Behavior Workshop
6/12/09FEMA Flood Risk Open House for Butler Co residents
4/28/09Great Miami River Clean Sweep 2009: Volunteers Needed
4/20/09Earth Day 2009
4/15/092008 Annual Report
3/2/09Stream Team Open House & Volunteer Appreciation Lunch
1/28/09Ohio Storm Water Conference 2009
1/28/09Rainwater Catchment System Workshop
1/27/09Test Your Well Water
1/22/09PPGH Proposed Site Visit Calendar


11/25/08Storm Water Advisory Committee Annual Meeting Reminder
10/14/08Ohio Storm Water Conference 2009 – Call for Speakers and Abstracts
9/22/084th Annual Carp Diem 5K
8/28/08Protect Water Resources and Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
7/3/08Ohio EPA Endorses New Miami Water Protection Plan
7/1/08New Miami Adopts Water Protection Plan
4/4/082007 Annual Report
1/24/08Storm Water District Helps Implement Drinking Water Protection Plan for New Miami
1/23/08Stream Team Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and Open House


7/25/07Storm Water District Initiates Annual Dry Weather Screening Program
6/19/07Great Miami River Clean Sweep 2007: Volunteers Needed
4/23/07Storm Water District Participates in Hamilton Earth Day
4/6/072006 Annual Report
3/15/07Rain Garden Workshop and Technical Training
3/6/07Storm Water District Designs Bioretention Facility
2/26/07Storm Water District Receives ACEC Award


6/20/06Great Miami River Clean Sweep 2006: Volunteers Needed
4/6/062005 Annual Report
4/3/06Southwest Ohio Storm Water Collaborative New Web Site
1/19/06BCSWD Begins Storm Drain Outfall Mapping and Dry Weather Screening Project


7/27/05Great Miami River A Little Cleaner Now
5/6/05Great Miami River Clean Sweep: July 2005. Volunteers Needed
4/18/052004 Annual Report
1/3/05Mill Creek Flood Study Finished


10/19/04Storm Water District Sponsors First Stream Clean-Up
10/18/04Storm Water District Participates in Children’s Water Festival
10/14/04Storm Drain Labels Installed in Ross Township
10/11/04Madison Junior Students Participate in Elk Creek Stream Walk
9/1/04Watershed Sign Installations Improve Water Quality Awareness
8/14/04Storm Water District Kicks Off Storm Drain Labeling and Awareness Campaign
8/4/04Storm Drain Labeling Project Begins
7/28/04Non-residential Customer Credits Program Established – Public Workshop Scheduled
6/25/04Ross Middle School Students Participate in Indian Creek StreamWalk
6/10/042003 Annual Report
6/10/042003 Annual Report Presented To County Commissioners