Butler County Storm Water District

News Release
September 1, 2004

A coalition of partners from across the Tri-State region — including the Butler County Storm Water District — dedicated to improving water quality through increased stewardship of our local streams and rivers, will launch a multi-community sign installation and watershed educational outreach campaign September 18 through 26, 2004.

Project SIGNS (Signs Inspire Great Neighborhood Streams) will work hand in hand with communities in the Greater Cincinnati area to install stream identification signs at over 100 well-traveled stream crossings. Waterways and watersheds included in this project are:

This collaborative group will promote stream stewardship public awareness and education by submitting educational articles for local press, posting educational information on regional web sites and distributing flyers, static decals, and temporary tattoos to grade schools. Also, the group will encourage healthy household tips to movie-going audiences in clever ads displayed at local theaters.

Project SIGNS members include the Butler County Storm Water District; Butler County Engineer’s Office; Hamilton County Storm Water District; Hamilton County Engineer’s Office; Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren County Soil and Water Conservation Districts; Mill Creek and Banklick Creek Watershed Councils; Tanner’s Creek Watershed; Greenacres Foundation; and Hamilton County Environmental Services.