Butler County Storm Water District

News Release
April 3, 2006

The South West Ohio Storm Water Collaborative (SWOSWC) recently posted a new web site at www.saveohiowater.org [No longer exists]. The Collaborative, which is composed of area storm water districts, created the site as a central location for information about water quality in south west Ohio. The site includes helpful tips for homeowners on how to keep our water clean, information on, and maps of, area watersheds, and links to other sites concerned with water quality.

Members of SWOSWC include the Butler County Storm Water District, the City of Hamilton, the City of Lebanon, the City of Mason, the Deerfield Regional Storm Water District, the Hamilton County Storm Water District and Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District. These entities have come together in response to government mandates under the Clean Water Act to educate the public on water quality issues affecting communities in the greater Cincinnati area.

SWOSWC will be airing radio commercials, and some member groups will be posting bill boards, featuring a talking storm drain to draw the public’s attention to the pollution that enters our waterways via the storm drain system. The group has also established a hotline to report storm drain problems and other water quality issues at 513-946-3999.